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As Vice President of Marketing for, a pre-bubble Internet startup, I was responsible for a waste-free agency selection process. As a result of my questionnaires and cover letters, 23 Houston agencies indicated their willingness to provide spec creative. Based on informal followup interviews, I chose two finalists. I provided the marketing input they needed and guided them through the process. Bates blew us away with great creative to win the account.

Of passing interest: I managed the process via email from Austria. Having this campaign in the bag helped us raise over $30 million.

A great brand name and a compelling Unique Selling Proposition combine to make a great logo. Everyone seeing it knows instantly that is a preeminent internet-based real estate company.

The heart of the campaign: newspaper advertising. Colorful 2 col X 5" ads placed in the B&W confusion of Real Estate Classifieds tell the internet-savvy homebuyer all he needs to know. Internet users are control freaks who like to run their own show, like to do things their own way, and don't like to waste time. Brilliant work by the gang at Bates.

A great billboard campaign to complement great advertising. On the left are "teaser" boards designed to run for several weeks in new markets, followed by the "answer" boards on the right.

As Marketing Partner for Group 3hree Advertising . . .

Group 3hree was the largest Defense Marketing Agency in the world, representing such accounts as Bendix, Gould, Rockwell, United Technologies, Hamilton Standard, Systems Engineering Laboratories, and others. For Bendix, we represented 26 separate divisions scattered around the globe. When Bendix was acquired by Allied Chemical, we picked up the Allied Automotive Group too, managing brands that included "pay me now, or pay me later" Fram, Autolite, and Prestolite.

Look at how we coordinated Defense Systems Group with divisional advertising (directly below, left and right).

We were awfully good at financial business, too, often handling several competitive accounts simultaneously, including The First Bankers, Butcher & Singer, Templeton Funds, Southeast Bank, Naples Federal, Freedom Federal, IPMC, Atlantic Federal, Gulfstream Banks, and a dozen others. We wrote their annual reports, often handled their Public Relations, wrote strategic plans, designed and implemented their marketing communications programs, and sometimes served on their boards.

And you thought UBS came up with "You & Us"? Not by a long shot! This was the first full-color advertisement we produced for The First Bankers. UBS even uses the same type font.

Consumer accounts weren't as profitable, but they sure attracted attention! Our biggest was Dole, closely followed by the largest automotive association in the USA, comprised of over 100 Chrysler dealerships throughout Florida. We introduced Gummi Bears to the United States, and did our share of Real Estate advertising for Amelia Island, the Campanelli's, Westinghouse, The Boca Raton Yacht and Racquet Club and The Village Green. Let's not forget Cary Marine, the drug runners' boats of choice.


We loved hi-tech work! We introduced computer languages and databases, sold micro-, mini-, and mainframe computer systems. We designed peripherals, wrote tech-specs and brochures by the score, unified multiple divisions of North American Philips under the Airpax banner, marketed H/VAC products for TIF Instruments, launched Datamedix, monitored Coulter, strengthened Anilam Electronics, positioned Computer Products, Inc., worked our butts off for Motorola, served as the only external agency for Siemans AG, set up a joint venture between Unisys and Siemans called BiiN, won the Mitel business, and generally had a ball in what we considered our own private niche.


Piper Aircraft rounded things out nicely. When push came to shove, we were the largest advertising agency in the Southeast United States (yes, that includes Atlanta) for seven consecutive years, according to the Advertising Age official rankings. We won hundreds of local and national awards, competed with the top guns in the business, and held our own with the best of 'em.

I have only shown a tiny portion of our print work here, of course. But our broadcast production was excellent, our collateral production was as good as any in the world (*ahem*), and our financial PR was pretty fair, too.

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