Our best day

Our albums are home (aren't you glad!)
but we scanned a few photos before we left Houston.

These photos were taken at the Duering schlossle
where we had our wedding dinner and garden champagne reception.
Most beautiful bride ever No tongues! Lucky groom at Gebhardsberg

We dined on lamb (pesky little bastard kept moving around, spilling our plates)
complemented by Chateauneuf du Pape. Our chef, Herr Huber, was said to be the finest in Austria.
He owns a Gasthof in Fluh now. For our anniversary this year, he cooked lamb for us again. Nice rut to be in.
Wedding party Didn't face-mash! close family

No wedding would be complete without carriages, would it?
This is the carriage that brought the bride to the church
(built in 1047) and whisked us away afterwards. No pumpkins--it was real.
off for photos carriage ride

Streets of Bregenz

Later, we partied at another castle--Gebhardsberg--high on the mountain. I see it from my window now; it is where we will celebrate New Year's Eve. We danced, ate bunny and Bambi, and had a huge fireworks display set to music. The president of Austria watched the fireworks too, and said he enjoyed it. We had guests from England, Finland, America, Germany, Switzerland & Hungary. Spicy gulash soup was served at midnight, which turned out to be Ed Claggett's high spot of the trip.