Friends and Family in Austria

The lady (well, one of the ladies) who started it all, before she started it all. Linde, Andrea's Mom, showing why Walter, Andrea's Dad, gave up bachelorhood. Linde's first day skiing.
Flirty Momma Snow love

Gert und Jean
Our friends Gert and Jean visited us from Houston in September. Here we are on the garden island Mainau
Melanie und Gitti
You can bet you'll be seeing more of this sweetheart! Melanie, our niece (and Godchild) with Andrea's sister, Gitti.
MariaWeider's resting place Walter Weider visiting the grave of his mother, Maria, who raised him and his brother Fritz all alone. It is true that American customs and traditions are spreading even faster than Micky D's. Christmas, for example, was much more "Christkind" ten years ago, but it has lately become a Santa Claus gift-giving extravaganza a la USA. But some traditions remain. Graveyards are beautifully maintained (if not, they throw you out!) and on Hallowe'en everyone dresses nicely and visits the graves of their loved ones. Austrians make a social event of it, visiting with each other and munching on hot roasted chestnuts. The graveyards are really filled with people (live ones, I mean); it is hard to find a place to park. Bands play and children march around, and church bells ring all day long.