Here and There

Winter has embraced this wonderland
transforming common sights into objects of beauty.

There's a
full-grown car under there!
Car Lump Midget
Tweety's Granny is really a midget--a Lilliputanerin--who drives this teeny midget car.
Snow apples
Red apples contrast with clean white snow. The Bregenz River
The Bregenz River Dressed for Winter.
Trees bent to the
ground as still-green
leaves hold snow.
Snow Arch

The Farm right next door.

Käsefladen is indescribably
delicious, like thick
cheese-only pizza with
great smelly cheeses.
Andrea in Beaune
Andrea in Beaune.
Käsefladen Bregenz from harbor
cute cowboy
Little Cowboy
Cows dressed in their
Sunday best
A Swarzenbergerin cowgirl.
A total solar eclipse. We watched from a French vinyard.
During totality, it was dark as night.
Only our flash illuminates the scene.
Near totality
What drama! Look carefully, you can see
the sun 85% eclipsed before being
swallowed by the clouds.

We like the attractive business signs.

The Bregenzerwald
Famous for cheeses and skiing.
My boar
two boars